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Resilient Sailing: 10 Lessons to Persevere in Life’s Stormy Seas

In this powerful book, Barnes will offer action packed golden treasure nuggets that will propel you, the reader, to take the necessary steps on your journey to becoming resilient. Resilience comes from learning and understanding that everything happens for our good. 

These lessons are not meant to be answers, but guidepost. Guidepost that will assist you and your thirst to grow and excel no matter what happens in a world of increasing change and uncertainty. 

Drawing lessons learned from a 35 year career as a Sailor, Barnes offers first hand experience for those who want to be more resilient. 


In this book, Barnes gives you tools and golden nuggets to add to your treasure chest.

No matter what comes your way, or what challenges you may face, there is an answer, there is a way, and there is hope.

Carl M. Barnes

Meet Carl M. Barnes

Carl’s mission is to educate, motivate and inspire individuals who have experienced rejection, denial and defeat, and who feel hopeless.

He is an expert on this after spending the last 35 years serving his country in the United States Navy, including many years as a Chaplain. He has experienced firsthand countless setbacks and challenges and know what it means.


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